5 Ritmes

De vijf ritmes (vloeiend, staccato, chaos, lyrisch, verstilling) geven samen een eenvoudige bewegingspraktijk die helpt onze innerlijke danser te onderzoeken.
Onze dans vinden, is onszelf vinden op het hoogste creatieve niveau. Elk ritme is een ander energieveld, en de vijf ritmes samen geven een plattegrond die ons leidt naar ons kwetsbare, instinctieve, wilde, gepassioneerde zijn.

In deze lessen zullen we ons lichaamsbewustzijn verdiepen door de inzichten van Gabrielle Roth. We zullen lopen, praten, dansen en delen; we zullen ons verbinden met onze lichamelijke gewaarwordingen, mediteren door beweging om onze eigen choreografie te ontdekken.

Je hoeft niet een bepaalde dansstijl te beheersen, je leeftijd is niet belangrijk en ook niet hoe je er uit ziet of je conditie.

We zijn bewegend geboren, onze lichaamscellen zijn voortdurend in beweging. Er zit een danser in elk lichaam. Als je de danser in je wilt ontmoeten, kom en dans met ons!

In the flowing we practice how can we find our fluidity in our own body, in our movement and
in the space.
This rhythm teaches us to step out from our stationity, to be present, aware of the empty space which opens around us step by step.
It teaches us to be honest with our own energy, listen to our needs. If we are able to tune in into our own-’what- is- going on- in me- right now-kind of truth, we can find our own path, own tempo, our unique fluidity between our own body parts and amongst the others .

Embodying the flow means momentum, flexibility, tractableness, trusting in your feet, to be surrendered to your motions.

The second rhythm, which is called staccato comes from the flow what we found before.
If we managed to tune into our body-sensations, to our feelings in the moment, we can express them clearly.
We can step out, being visible, we can connect to the outer world. So this rhythm is straight, focused, powerful. It helps us to connect to our heart, to the warrior who lives in us.
We just put our feet to the beat, our shoulders and hips to the bone-straight, clear movement , we let our exhale being audiable, and we can experience our fire, we can mark our borders.

If we can embody the staccato, we are able to be clear, focused, cooperative, we are dare to express our heart’s wish.

The 3rd rhythm, the chaos is the rhythm of letting go, so we jump into the beat.
We release our neck, our vertibrates, our head and spine , our jaw , our whole body into a shaky, quick movement, we move faster than our thoughts.
We dont want to be violent to our own body, so we just soften ourselves to our ’left-right, left-right’ jumpy feet movement, and let the quick beat centrifugate our thoughts, our tense.
With this shaking we make space for the stucked energyblocks to come up and let go.

The embodied chaos is wild, passionate and soft at the same time, a kind of tribal feeling, where our masks can be melted , and this extacy can brings us to our catharsis.

If we died into the rhythm of the chaos, we can reborn in the lyrical, finding new motions, new connections, fresh joy.
We can connect to our arms, and the dance of the light arms and the grounded feet let us fly to an effortless, playful, spacious place.

The embodied lyrical is fresh, joyful recreation of your previous steps and motions and ….
leads you to the light.

The fifth rhythm is called Stillness. This is the arrival, the harvest. Its like the wave of the ocean, as it arrives to the shore.
The movement is slowing down, but doesn’t stop. And if we are able to embody it, in this still space of our bodies we can feel intensely our inner aliveness.
Our most important „partner” here is our own breath, which brings us to the emptiness and beyond.

Our motions are fulfilling the space and make it empty.
We don’t dance any more, but are the dance itself.

Wilt u ook weten waar de danser in U is?